Weekend Retreats at The Vibe House

are you Ready to ignite?

We you stay with us, you submerge into a sea of awakening and inspiring opportunities for change, transformation and to build the based of a solid happy life.

We sugest you try our 2 hr. wellness service to get a sample of what our retreat will be.

At our retreats, we have daily practices, we use the connection within our hearts and the natural elements, breath and movement flows, to simple give space for clear positive thought and emotions to be prevalent.

Even though there is lots goodness in the practices, flows and creative endeavors we have going on. You can either join us, or simple stay, feel the vibe, eat delicious foods and enjoy your own flows and time. People staying with us, sometimes just need a break from their daily routines, and since the vibe is pleasant here, they get great benefit of simple staying, chilling and indulging in delicious foods.

When you join our family, you are also welcome to join us on our nature excursions, beach days, breakfast, lunch and dinner feasts, dance flows, farmers markets, gardening, sustainability practices and of course, cooking endeavors.

What is included

  • Accommodations in a beautiful and clean home in sunny southern California.

  • You are welcome to join for free our daily practices, like morning flows and food feasts.

  • Three healthy and delicious meals each day plus snacks and beverages made to meet your specific needs and goals. Meals are made ready to go, is on you to serve your food and wash your dishes and clean your room.

  • Depending on our availability, yo are welcome in join us on our daily doings, like foos creation and nature exploration. We go sometimes for a beer or wine or go to dance under the moonlight or join a music jam.

  • Guidance is not need it, we are not here to tell you what to do, but better than that, to show you how things can flow at ease.

  • Constant access to advice from locals on where to explore and directions.

  • Access to a hot tub and pool

  • Transportation to and from train station if needed

Will there be activities scheduled all day?

Nope. This is not a typical retreat where you will be guided from morning to evening, although you will have our support and love and you will be expose to all the aligning vibe we can offer. You will have plenty of interaction and connection with the team, you will also have your own time to explore and do your own thing. You could immerse yourself into our daily lifestyle which we hope will inspire practical changes you can implement into your own life upon return.

When can I come?

Because this isn't a fully scheduled retreat, you can come at any time, although we need prior assessment and we start with 3 day, after that we can agree on more days if it flows.

Will other people be at the retreat at the same time as me?

The staff (Perkunas, Lucy, and other helpers) will always be around. However, because people come and go when they please, there may be other retreaters, but there also may not. If you are looking for a guaranteed social experience we recommend traveling with a friend or partner (discounts available for sharing a room!). However, we know that traveling solo can be more stimulating if you looking to have a transformational experience.


Arrival early afternoon, check out, noon time.

You can ask for more details at : findyourflowretreats@gmail.com


$180 per night, arrival early afternoon, check our noon time.

Couple discount

You can share a room with your loved one or friend and pay only $280 /per day. Include a full size bed.

Group discount

You can bring your whole crew/family/tribe. We have availably for 6 retreaters at the time.

4 people, 2 rooms with full size beds. $440 per day

6 people, 3 rooms with full size beds. $600 per day

Long Stay discount

Even though we have a 3 day availability to start. We can make a discount for longer staying, prior agreement.