Aloha friends! Dip in the pacific with the Vibe House team, first thing in the morning to align your energy and spark your soul fire. 

Might just be me most of the time, Perkūnas, I might be the only crazy one to do this. They say it’s too cold… hahaaa don’t think so, but we’ll do some breath work or dance moves to spark up before we dip in :)

Maybe you know this already, let me share with you about the amazing power and healing properties within the ocean.

Embracing nature’s elements is the simplest and most effective way to align, heal or enhance your physical body, mind and spirit. This is not new, it has been around for thousands of years, the Romans, Greek, Incas (my roots) knew already of the properties of the sea and the ocean. But it’s not just the ocean you get benefits from. When you embrace the ocean, you’re also embracing the air, the light and the earth, you are as wild as humans can be. 

When you dip in the ocean, you can find ease in your mind and heart, sooth your nervous system, and relax your physical body. A dip in the ocean does much more than refreshing and energizing you. You can feel emotional relief immediately, because the ocean has abundant therapeutic properties.

The ocean is pretty magical to me, you can catch a wave with your body, feel the natural pull, it’s just natural energy aligning with yours. The greatness about this gift of nature is you can use this aligning force energy to make it part of your own, when you get used to this rhythm, your life can align as well, physical and emotional balance occurs, manifestations follow as synchronicities to remind you that you are in a place a time that is meant to satisfy and give merit to the gift of being alive ;) P.

Here some of the therapeutic benefits of the ocean

·     Cleans wounds and skin 

·     Strengthens the body against viruses, low defenses, bacteria and pathogens.

·     Restore our physical, mental and emotional well-being

·     Strengthening the cellular immunity

·     Has detoxifying properties that can help to eliminate tumors (see link below)

·     Sound of the crashing sea waves has a healing effect on our mind and body as it induces deep states of relaxation

·     Ocean breeze is charged with healthy negative ions that builds our body’s capacity to absorb more oxygen

·     Ocean water can neutralize effects of unhealthy free radicals. (Use of electronics) 

·     Helps to heal insomnia 

·     Reduces inflammation and enhances circulation

·     Remineralization through skin 

·     …. too many to mention


Here some links, if you want to dip into the properties of the sea and the ocean :)