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Renee Schwerdt

Renee Schwerdt

I didn't really have any expectations about the Vibe House before I got there. I thought I would push myself out of my comfort zone and stay somewhere that might require a bit more socializing than a hotel setting.  I ended up with way more than that!  All I can say, is the place is magic!  I left feeling renewed, energized, and ready to live with purpose and joy.

 The house had a peaceful vibe and a beautiful garden.  Perkunas was a wonderful host.  He fed us delicious vegan food and facilitated meaningful conversations.  He shared some of his practices to energize and balance. They made an immediate impact and I have continued them.

When I arrived, I was in a bit of a funk.  I was falling back into a series of unhealthy habits and was struggling to find the motivation to change them.  I was headed in what I thought was a good direction, but kept creating roadblocks for myself.  That all changed after my stay at the Vibe House.

I've been experiencing so much magic since I've been back. I effortlessly lost five pounds and gave up those pesky habits that were holding me back.  My anxiety is gone and I feel alive and awake.  I've connected to my purpose and feel like I can completely be myself for the first time in decades.  The barrier I created between myself and others has disappeared.  I am enjoying the flow of life and sharing it with those around me.  Staying at the Vibe House was truly transformational---I highly recommended it to everyone.

I can't thank you enough!

Perkunas - Purpose

Edward Arreguin

Edward Arreguin

Finding my purpose/calling has been the subject of my life ever since I quit my job. Perkunas has helped me realize how simple this process actually is. It became very clear to me that the purpose of life is joy. That’s it. Even though I had heard that before, it didn’t really sink in until after spending time with Perkunas at the Vibe House. It is as simple as moving towards the places, people, and activities that light me up and fill me with joy. It almost sounds “too good to be true”, but I now prefer a phrase I coined which is “too good so it is true.” I have also come to understand that in order to receive guidance about our purpose we must be in a state of joy. Therefore, I don’t necessarily have to attempt to make a living out of what brings me joy in this instant moment. This used to be something that stressed me out because I know I love dancing, but I don’t want to teach people how to dance for my work. It feels much better knowing that I can go freely dance which will place me in a state of openness to receive more information about my overall purpose. Life is fun. 

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