When you visit or stay with us

You join our family

You could say that we host a “retreat” here at the Vibe House. Although we don’t retreat from life or civilization, we rather “engage” it with a different perspective. If you visit or stay with us, you share quality time, dinners or morning practices, share your light and keep your space when you want it. At The Vibe House, lots of the things we do are meant to keep high energy that aims to align, refresh and inspire. When you stay with us, our daily and weekly rituals and events are included.

Do You Believe in Magic?

We believe in the magic that happens when the light of people physically transforms everything around them.

Manifesting with intention is an art form, just as the intention was set long ago for The Vibe House to manifest into the magic it is today. The goal is to live an artistic lifestyle, where the intentional energy you put forth will transform into physical, ultimately living a life of balance and harmony. In this state of presence, magical things can happen; plants can grow at ease, people’s smiles blossom, inspiration abounds, healing occurs, a clear mind can show us more of life’s beauty and with defined purpose we walk towards our destiny. And the best thing about it, once you match that energy for a steady period of time..

you can take it with you every where you go.

Say hi and let us know if you are interested in any of our events in our calendar or if you want to stay with us.


The Vibe House Intro

The on going co-creation can't be stoped. Come stay at our homestead while learning how to make our amazing cuisine, relax and let goodness of life in :)




  • All our calendar events

  • All our fantastic refrigerator stock and pantry. We do love organic, local and seasonal.

  • Join our meals and help & learn to make them as well.

  • Our garden and the fresh organic produce it provides, learn sustainable practices

  • Have a space to relax and meditate or dance and get inspired

  • Have a space to be productive and indulge with a green juice each morning

  • You can invite friends to visit, after all, this is your home

  • We also have culinary classes and additional services available upon request.

The Vibe House is the space that you are looking for a fresh clean room and a vibrant environment.

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Prices are subject to change. We recommend you to contact us and tell us about your flow, what are your expectations or what you are aiming to achieve from your visit.

email us at:


1.    Shared Room with Shared Bathroom (1 single bed, 4 beds total) ($30 one time cleaning fee)

Single occupancy 

per night $90

3 nights $250

7 nights $530


2. Single Room with Shared Bathroom (1 Full size bed) $30 cleaning fee

Single occupancy 

per night $120

3 nights $320

7 nights $680

Double occupancy 

per night $190

3 nights $540

7 nights $1050


3.    Single Room with Attached Bathroom (1 Full size bed) $30 cleaning fee

Single occupancy 

per night $130

3 nights $350

7 nights $740


Double occupancy 

per night $200

3 nights $580

7 nights $1150


4.    Suite with Private Bathroom (1 queen size bed + 1 full size bed) 

walk-in closet, 2 sinks, shower, bathtub, mini fridge, desk and chair 

3 nights’ minimum, $50 cleaning fee

Single occupancy

3 nights $570

7 nights $1240

Double occupancy 

3 nights $720

7 nights $1560

3 people occupancy

3 nights $900

7 nights $1960

Inquire for more details: thevibehousesd@gmail.com