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(You can enjoy this offering at a physical location or ONLINE. See Details below)

Why to take this training

Somehow, you have allowed your physical being to enter in a stream where decay energy is prevalent, your flower is shrinking, but you know that rising to the sky again is a possibility, and you’re seeking clarity to allow the wellbeing and vitality to flow again.

Important to notice…don’t make the mistake to think this class won’t serve you because you are mid-aged. The beliefs and habits that run your life and will condition you to premature aging have been there since childhood. Don’t wait, preventative action is the best medicine.

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7 session offering

At a physical location

Practice until it becomes a habit…

We encourage you to take this as a recurrent practice, get the habit of feeling good gradually to raise your vibration to feel amazing on the regular bases.

What is included in this training:

  • This class focuses on practices for raising your ki energy or inner core energy. 

  • Learn to reset your energy core and relief patterns of resistance

  • You will learn mantras and visualizations customized to your needs to helps the process of transformation 

  • Learn simple but effective energy flows with emphasis of feeling relief, stimulating stamina, enhance immune system, and finding clarity. 

Details bout this training:

  • Please contact us before booking this experience

  • Notice that we have single session, 7 sessions for one and 2 people and online sessions as well for individuals.

  • This experience can be video documented, so you can take your practice at home.

  • Feast and the relax after the practice, you will participate in the creation of this feast and then practice the art of relaxation. We have open a bottle or wine and/r taste a home brew kombucha.

  • Online training offering does not include the feasting :) Although we can send you some recipes :) And share lots of healthy eating habits.

  • Free guidance. Only for the 7 session offering, during the training and after a month of finishing the training.

  • The 7 sessions online


  • Time and location just depending on weather conditions

  • Each training last about 2 hours, of flow, breath work, channeling and feast.

  • Online training last 45 hour each session, does not include the feast.

We have 2 time schedules for this sharing, you can pick one of them:

  • 20 minutes Before sunrise , include breakfast (Either at The Vibe House or your location with chef services)

  • 20 minutes Before sunset, include dinner (Either at The Vibe House or your location with chef services)

  • Online training can be don anytime previous scheduling .

Number of Attendants

  • 2 maximum each time 

Guided By:


Online Mastering Rejuvenation

  • 45 minutes one on one video sessions

  • 10 sessions minimun

  • Please contact first to have a face to face video introduction about this offering

  • spark your vitality with video conference one to one guided flows

  • the 10 session training can be done in a month period.

  • you will have one moth or 10 hours of guidance for clarification or life defining purposes