Higher Self Embodiment Session

Higher Self Embodiment Session


Aligning your Mind & Body with your Soul

In this session you will access high realms of consciousness, where your Higher Self resides, gaining access to divine clarity and your ultimate power as a human being.

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You are a soul having a human experience. You, right now reading this, the physical version of you, is an EXTENSION of the you that is REALLY you, your source, or what some would call: Your Higher Self. Your higher self is the YOU that decided to have a human experience for the ultimate expansion of your being, therefor projecting itself into physical form. The you that is you now, reading this, is a physical, manifested version of you. A You with a body and mind, an essential part of the human experience. In order to operate in alignment with your higher self in this physical human experience, you must work WITH your body & mind, which takes a heightened level of awareness, that essentially stops the body and mind from owning you. In THIS realm of consciousness, you gain direct access to the stream ever-flowing from your higher self to You. Meaning, this stream is never off, our higher self is ALWAYS communicating, yet as humans we block that stream by not allowing the information to come through when we’re not ready to hear and go with it. And when we UNBLOCK, we align the mind and body with the soul, the “higher self”, the You that can see things clearly outside of your physical & emotional experiences and egoic concerns.

Our mind, or “ego” is a necessary part of the human experience, yet when left unattended to (ie lacking self awareness), it can unconsciously take the drivers seat of your physical expression. This is when personal concerns become the forefront of your life, disconnecting you from the whole, in turn disconnecting you from yourself. When we work WITH the ego, we can experience ourselves for who we really are: souls having a human experience. And our souls always want the highest good for not only us, but the COLLECTIVE, the whole, every single physical expression (aka human being) on earth, because ultimately, YOUR source comes from a HIGHER source that is the source of us all. Ie, we are all one. Did I lose you there? Don’t worry, your egos just taken over the drivers seat, you will see soon enough! Book a session with me, to move out of your own way and let your higher self take the wheel.


60 minutes using the technique EFT to gain spiritual, emotional and intellectual understanding of your energetic blocks (ie where your ego is running the show) This healing modality is a SCIENCE BACKED technique that utilizes meridian points connected to your energy channels, that gives you access to hidden limiting beliefs, emotions, memories, and fight or flight responses that run your life unconsciously. I will lead you safely into the depths of your being where YOU can discover that you and only you have the power to hold you back in life, and you and only you hold the key to freedom, your higher self & BEST LIFE.

30 minutes of Reiki, the fun part for you. The work is complete, you get to lay back in a meditative state as I clear the stagnant, stuck, and blocked energy that is left over. By transferring Reiki, or Universal Life Energy, to your physical and spiritual being, your chakras or 7 main energy centers can open to their fullest capacity, ultimately aligning your mind and body with your soul. This process has the ability to restore self worth, self expression, sexual desires, release insecurities and fears, and connect you back to unconditional love, intuition, and ultimately your Higher Self. Reiki is the perfect end note to complete the session, leaving you in your highest physical expression. Reiki is not only relaxing but rejuvenating, it will be like coming out of the best meditation, ready to take on your life, your world, and yourself in a whole new way.



FILL OUT THIS FORM AND EMAIL IT TO ME ssheehan444@gmail.com


P.s Not in San Diego? Don’t let distance stop you from embodying your higher self – FaceTime it is! And YES, distant Reiki healing WORKS.

1.     The 3 most basic questions: Name, Age & Human Design type: (don’t know your human design?? It’s definitely time that you do. Go to mybodygraph.com and scroll down to “free graph”, put in your info (you need your EXACT birth time) and then a confusing looking chart will come up. Go to the second page labeled “info” and find your TYPE. I will elaborate in our session!):


2.     Any “issue” in your life is the perfect access point to your higher self, get present to one now and explain below. Relationship problems, career problems, identity problems? It’s all relative! 


3.     What do you want to get out of this session?


4.     Any questions about this session?


This Session is ONE TIME $222 for 90 minutes. I do not offer packages when starting off. This session is meant for you to get connected to yourself in a way that has you take on the responsibility of your life, ie not needing or relying on a “healer”. After our session we can discuss future sessions and personalized packages.