At The Vibe House, we offer a unique opportunity to EXPERIENCE the lifestyle we have cultivated and thrive on. When you stay with us, you can join our vibe tribe. We dislike to dislike stuff, we rather focus in the goodness of life, rock and we indulge because that is why we were born!!

When you visit us, you can join us on our daily flows, meditations, culinary creations and share our table and delightful abundance. We also music jams, nature explorations, gardening endeavors, sustainable practices, elixirs, juice creations and all the goodness that come when people doing what they love.

Is in this creative energy that visitors have found a catalyzer to overcome physical, emotional hold backs or find the inspiration, clarity and purpose they have been looking for.

Prior to arrival, we will connect with your vision and intention for your stay and to get to know each other. Your stay could include a private or a shared room, and always include free chef services and access to all our amenities and calendar of events. See our Calendar HERE



Feel at home at the Vibe House, a space of tranquility, balance, and harmony. We will give you the space to rest and reset, and/or you are free to join us in our creative endeavors and inspired moments. Here at the Vibe House we go with the flow, so it is a great space to get in touch with your daily instincts and intuition with a lot of free time, rather than having a strict & packed schedule. If you are looking for a time of stillness, reflection, and some creation, this is the space for you. With a blank canvas, you can create anything, so come reset and create from new!

The Vibe House was created with the intention to be a platform for creative collaborations. Creativity thrives in a space with balance and harmony, so that is the main frequency you’ll find here when you visit us. This package is oriented for you to tune into your highest version of self, who you want to be and where you want to go, and create abundantly. If you’re looking to reset and rejuvenate to transfer all of your energy into creation and flow, this package is for you. And yes, it includes accommodation and yummy healthy food as well.

-Expect the unexpected (time, location and theme unknown, it might include some of the services mentioned above or some customized just for you)

This is our magical package. You come with no expectations but to feel amazing and manifest magic. We will embrace together our intuitive guidance to create the experience that you will enjoy the most. Your meals will be designed with the intention of feeling good, raising your vibration and catered to your health desires. You will flow with the groove and channel your energy into manifesting the life you really want.

Do how we do, and live life with us in the Vibe House! This package includes all the services and unique experiences we have created and regularly practice here at the Vibe House, to live in balance and flow. This is the package that tends to you the most. If you desire quality time and attention, collaborative creation, community meals and gatherings, this package is for you. Enjoy the art of living, create new memories and experiences, and learn the tools to make flow, balance, and harmony permanent in your everyday life.


Retreat Packages




Individual Services

With this option we can customize your experience for a day. Does not include a room to stay. You only need to contact us to select the services you would like to experience and the time and date. We gladly can create a day experience specially customized for you.

You can plan your visit for one day, 1 or a few hours, morning or afternoon. (depending on the services you want to experience)

Please reserve at less 1 week in advance.

Accommodation not included with this option.

Our individual prices:

Guidance (1 hr) $120

Reiki (45 minutes session) $110

Raw Cuisine Basics (2 hr) $240 (1 to 2 people) Includes produce and all kitchen utensils.

Body Detox (2 hr) $240 (1 to 2 people) Includes produce and all kitchen utensils

Intuitive Eating Meditation (45 minutes) $90 (1 to 2 people) Includes produce and all kitchen utensils.

Natural Work Out (1hr) $120

Flow (45 minutes) $80

Package & bundle deals available upon request!


Prepare for your retreat

Please contact us for more information and have your free consultation as well. We can assist you to chose which package suits you the best.

Bring only necessary clothing (casual, comfy, items you feel good in to flow and dance with life), sports outfit if you like, depending on the the package.(we can have either lots of sweating or more gentle flows).

Please tell your friends and family you will be off the grid for a few days. Even though there is wifi 24hr, we encourage you to let the digital load aside.

*Group packages and daily retreat experiences available upon request.

Our packages are for 1 or a few hour visits/ one day visit/ 3 days and/or longer stays can be arranged.

Your inner guidance has brought you to us, come and shine with us!

living is art 1.jpg

The Art of Living

Here at the Vibe House we honor the life force it has been given to us by practicing “the art of living” we engage into artistic expressions to be present, to find alinement and balance.

Our retreat focus on artistic expression, among all the relaxing time, energizing flows and succulent life energy that you will find here, you will express your own art in any form you want it, as a way to find the connections that will drive you towards your highest expression.

Cancelation Policy

Please let us know at least a week in advance if you are not coming or changed your mind. Just be conscious this is a limited space and others could enjoy our service.


  • All rooms have full bed/shared bathroom (private bathroom available upon request/upgrade)

  • Closet, night table and desk

  • Towels, clean sheets, house ammenities

  • Chef services included

  • Room Cleaning Service included

  • Wifi 24hr

  • Garden Spaces for yoga, meditation or fitness