One on One Flows

You And Us - Totally Customized

See the world through the eyes of your own nature

See the world through the eyes of your own nature

Your focus

You are in a specific place and time. Your perspective is unique. It is our job to see where you’re at and adapt our flows from this point of reference to the next.

It is like cooking - When you know your ingredients, you know what you can do with them. You follow your inner guidance to cook as you go, and the recipe develops by itself.

Our focus of attention will be totally directed on assisting you to go forward in life, and finding that clarity to define the desires you wish for. Once you know what you want, the hardest part is over. You’ve built the platform, now you can dance on it.

A Veggie Burger? A juice? An ice cream? All of it? Uhh yeah!

A Veggie Burger? A juice? An ice cream? All of it? Uhh yeah!

your flavors

Everyone has a different zest for life regardless to food. In our One on One flows we customize the food together so it will satisfy your taste buds and nourish your body. Some people may prefer a protein based, savory gourmet breakfast, while others would like a tea with herbs and a juice. Like both? We can do that too ;)

It is an addiction and we have no shame. Indulging with foods that make us feel vibrant our every day practice. We invite to to join us in a journey of feasting with delectable and exotic foods as we cook, create and do it again and again.

For our cooking classes and events see our CALENDAR.

A walk in the jungle

A walk in the jungle

your style

Your preferences are important for us. We’ll customize activities that will ignite the best in you. Some people will like to have a personalized flow at our garden or the beach, or make a flow in the mountains, or the intimacy of your own home.

Flows can be gentle and slow, or heart pumping and energetic. Our practice will adapt to your rhythm, never to stress, only to activate, only to align and always to draw an smile in your face.

Trough his life path, Perkunas has work with thousand of individuals, either cooking or flowing with them, don’t be surprised that the energy starts building up even before you meet him. You can go as deep as you want, to fly as high as you wish and take it to any level you want, still is the same for him, we are just friends having a good time.

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