Vibrational Tuning

Vibrational Tuning

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Skype consultation to jump start a new reality.     

FREE 10 minute skype call for you to feel the waters. 

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Hello friends Perkunas here.

We are all creators in this aperture of time. The question is, are you creating by default or with purpose? 

It might seem like a cliché line, to tell you that you that you only need to find your passion to align with that job you want, or to feel relief from those emotions, or tune with physical healing, abundance of money or opportunities, or to find your desire relationship. 

And indeed, it is a clique, and for most people it is very hard work and commitment to find excitement on their everyday life. 

There are no short cuts to happiness, that is true, but there is a way to organically build the bridges towards it. That is what I offer to you. 


I will assist you on building strong channels, from where inspiration can flow and find its way to an ocean of goodness. 

It is my job, is to be the catalyzer for you to find alinement or clarity, from this bases is from where you manifest the reality that you desire.

Honestly, it does not even fell like a job to me, it is always a rewarding experience to see the sparks that people generate when they found more excitement in life, have done it for decades and now I am offering as a service. 

Feel free to contact to schedule and free 10 minute skype call. Free of commitment. 

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