Chocolate Universe Group Experience

Chocolate Universe Group Experience

from 350.00

This class is for a group from 3 to 5 people. Bring your best pals and be ready to indulge.

Welcome chocolate lovers! Here we’ll focus on the ancient magical cacao, a gift from the gods.

First we’ll start the class with a hot chai made from raw cacao, ancient root veggies, sacred herbs and coconut. The perfect balance to start your digestive system and sharpen your mind. 

You’ll learn to make a Chocolate Paella! Si señores y señoritas, the traditional Spanish dish, made untraditionally, with cacao! We have done this for ages and now we share this delicatessen with you. Created with rice and seasonal ingredients, you won’t believe this just happened! 

And chocolate of course, same base, with 5 different flavors and textures. Raspberry, spicy chipotle, crunchy cashew, liquorish, and zest.

You’re more than welcome to bring some wine, your favorite spirit, or kombucha too!


Duration: 3 hour

Number of Attendants: 1 to 5 same cost 

Guided By: Perkunas and team members 

Cost: $350

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This is a hands on experience. Aprons on, be prepare, to sense, taste, mix, get messy and get inspired to be you chef at home.