What is flow

Flow is a practice that can stream your energy towards a state of alignment and harmony. A guided flow, the one Perkunas leads, is the summary of his life journey a synchronized stream of thought, movement, breathing and emotions.


Benefits of flow

When practicing flow regularly, you can increase physical energy, mental clarity, stamina, confidence, and strength. Flow can also improve the immune system performance, regulate your body weight or spark rejuvenation. When its practice becomes a habit, getting into the flow stages will manifest into different levels of perception as well; with a clear mind, you can see the unlimited paths to opportunities, inspiration or excitement. Flow can help you define your continuous ever-changing purpose, while at the same time you continuously meet with the expansion that comes with it.

Where flow comes from? 

Flow is Perkunas’ compilation of different life-practices and perceptions. To mention a few: martial arts, connection with nature, universal conscious meditation, channeling, the dynamics of energy, the interconnection with our human aspects, and Vedic, Shaolin and Taoism arts of life. Flow happens as when Perkunas is crafting a savory dish, it might seem like a complicated recipe to follow but since he has done it for decades, it has become a natural intuitive practice; just like his cooking. If you already know his cooking, you know why this is relevant; if you have not, our flow practices include a delicious meal or elixir.

Who can practice flow

There is no age limit, and no physical impediment to practice flow; the only requirement is being alive and been able to breath. Each flow is customized to each individual.

How flow works 

Breathing, Meditation and Movement. Through the oxygenation of the body, quieting the mind and focusing on appreciation we can achieve a state of flow. From this point the perception changes, a tuned state of intuition invades you, cognitive awareness is at its peak, and a feeling of presence overwhelm your senses. As every practice that stimulate inner connection, such as yoga, tai chi or chi gong, flow also emulates the drift of nature with the main purpose to tap into its signal. Aligned energy, is not just physical energy that you can control by flexing your muscles, or mental energy like thinking of a solution to a problem. Aligned energy flows at ease with no resistance. The practice of flow is as nature itself, is energy that flows at ease that has a distinctive creative imprinting, it is energy that regenerates, creates, transforms, changes and brings life on top of life.    

Why do we feast

When you embrace your full present moment fully, at less for a moment, a feeling of worthiness and gratitude shows up in your perception. What is left is to celebrate.

Feast is optional, you can book a flow experience or flow & feast together. Highly recommended :)

Words from the catalyzer  

Hello, Perkunas here. I am very happy to share this with you; it has brought me countless blessings. Be mindful that you are already in a fantastic place to develop your own practice; honestly, it is nothing to take too serious, and try to see this as learning a new hobby. 

The feeling of connection is what matters

When practicing flow, you don’t have to go on a life path of learning all ancient teachings, after all, all teachings and knowledge come from the same place: a source that reflect on nature’s vibrancy. 

You also don’t need to wear a specific outfit: pjs, just your skin, it is all good. You also don’t need to be at a special place: your room, your kitchen, waiting at the bus station, it does not matter. You can sync your breath and movement literally anywhere, anytime, or in any situation. You could be just ecstatically moving while gazing the sunrise, walking on the street, hanging on a hammock, seated at your desk, resolving mathematical equations, running, taking a nap, eating a burrito, gardening, dancing, skydiving, isn’t that awesome?!

What is included and how it goes

  • Starts with a guided meditation.

  • Followed by a guided breathing exercise.

  • Next is a guidedflow movement and sync of breath, movement and mind. 

  • Feast after the flow. You appetite will open after releasing limitations. Join in us into indulgence and make the best meal ever.


Option 1


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Option 2


·     Check for availability at: thevibehousesd@gmail.com


·      Flow with Perkunas is more likely to happen with the sunrise or after sunset time

·      Flow is personalized to each individual or groups.

·      We will contact you BY TEXT OR EMAIL to schedule your flow classafter your payment, usually classes are between a week of the booking

·      Or e-mail us at:



Be present…this moment is what matters

 in nature…you are surrounded by beauty

 you are…nature, so you are beauty

be connected…unite your aspects 

be the joy...that is the purpose

move…while you sync 

feel the elements…oneness

awaken…your senses

dance…shake it like you mean it

thrive…excuses there is none

appreciation... is your mantra

love…to be 

ignite…your power

inspire…for fun

indulge…with zest for life

illuminate…because you shine

is easy…you know it

let go…make space

let in…of the goodness of life

create…that is why you came forth 

expand…into the savory been that you are

effortlessl…drift as nature

towards your passions

discover your purpose