What is The Vibe House?

The Vibe House is a homestead where we practice the art of living.

We love to grow our own food.

Even though we have only few garden beds, we love the greenery of life to take over as much it likes, in and out of the house, we love green. Plants vibrancy serenade our flow and inspire our ecological imagination. Veggies that we eat from our garden nourish our organic perspective and its flavors are insanely delicious, we appreciate and thrive the garden flow and love to share with the friends that visit us.

We embrace our creative aspects

Either we create in our fully equipped kitchen a delightful culinary masterpiece, or an art piece that embody our connection with our heart or nature. At the Vibe House, we recognize our place in this universe, by expressing our creativity, by generating energy that inspires us and everyone around us.

We unite

Unity, community, tribe, world, universe. Humans that visit us come from different places, sources, dimensions or from someones imagination relate to each other consistently. It is a daily synchronistic concerto, you ask for something and soon will be knocking the front door, you desire something and is pleased, you create and idea, and what resonated with it finds its way towards you. It is not just the place, we are the vibe we pulse where ever we go.

Recently someone asked me this question:

How did The Vibe House get started?

I was like a gypsy traveling from place to place since I moved to the US. Once I started doing more of what I loved it all came together, along with this space. I wanted a place that feels good as soon you walk in, one that inspires and transforms. So it is. I wanted a place that stimulates the creative flow, art, music, dance, with green lush plants adding vibrancy to every corner. So it is. A place where similar souls get together and co-create light and joy. So The Vibe House is.

In conclusion. I am the Vibe House and so you are when you visit us. Then when we go, where ever our hearts are, they carry the signal of unity, appreciation and creation.

For those who come to the Vibe House, it’s to no surprise they encounter people on similar frequencies. This house unites mystical creatures together on similar journeys. Moments of synchronicity are another everyday delight at The Vibe House.  

We are honored you will align with us at a moment in time, adding more juice to life at the ongoing collective creative platform that we call the Vibe House.  


Sunrise from our backyard.

Feeling awe at nature’s beauty, we find joy, allow change and redefine consistently our purpose.

Nature & The Vibe House

At The Vibe House we love feeling the connectedness with nature that we all share. We embrace its wisdom and beauty in all the things we do, either flowing, dancing, creating art or sharing our findings about wellness and living passionately . We invite you to connect with us and be inspired. Join our everyday practices in finding healing for joy and expansion.


Fresh pick from local organic farmers and our garden

Foodies and Healers 

We are about the vibes

At The Vibe House, we have a very relaxing and inspiring lifestyle. We love to surround ourselves in nature, eat yummy foods, create art, and share our gifts with friends that visit us. Here you will learn how to intuitively eat and create amazing cuisine by charging it with healing energy. You can also learn how to flow in every aspect of life. Get ready to tune your vibration and re-wire old habits of thought.