Aloha Friends

My name is Perkūnas. I created The Vibe House as a place to unleash inspiration - primarily my own. It was a selfish act. I don’t feel like an altruist that just does things to benefit others. I am conscious that the things I do have a main purpose to satisfy my curiosity and to aim my expansion to joy.

Nevertheless, since I started the Vibe House, it has attracted countless individuals with brightness in their eyes, ready to shine the hidden gems that each of them have in their hearts. Since I was a kid, I had the realization that my purpose of life was to unite. I feel fortunate that I attract people with lots elements to add to the forever evolving art project we are creating in this house.

The Vibe House has become a platform for many to explore themselves, to let go of old patterns, and let in of the things that will take them forward.

The Vibe House is a space for relaxation. When you create something you love every day, you feel more at ease. Feeling that you have accomplished something meaningful relaxes you to a deeper level, always.

Currently The Vibe House is a homestead, bed & breakfast, a venue for events and services like dances, moon gatherings, music performances, paella parties, movement flows, cooking classes, photo shoots, yoga, massage, sustainable practices, sun-gazing, moon-gazing, eye-gazing, flower growing and hummingbird gazing…

As a homestead, we grow lots of herbs, flowers, some fruits and we are in the process of growing more lush green every day. As a part of our weekly practices, we love to ground and get dirty.

At The Vibe House we over indulge with no shame. If you have visited us already, you know! We create luscious feasts of gourmet delights in our kitchen endlessly.

I have a meal delivery service called Veggie Vibes which gives us the chance to get the most delectable produce that grows in San Diego. We are blessed to be friends with local, organic, small farmers who give us produce made with love and high nutritional value as well.

We invite you to visit us here at The Vibe House. See for yourself what we have going on! Join us for one of our services or events, or just come say hi. We are here to unite :)