About Perkunas

Perkunas surfaced in Lima-Perú. He grew up as a nature child, connected deeply to the earth’s harmony and discovered his life purpose at an early age. Perkunas was born to unite. As a teen, he was an avid learner about wellness, plant medicine, metaphysics, Taoism, Hinduism, yoga and martial arts. He also connected with natural energetic flows as known as Tai chi, Qigong, energy healing, channeling, ecstatic meditation…

During childhood, Perkunas started cooking with his grandmother, learning dishes from the Peruvian Andes and Rainforest. Early in his adolescent years, his affinity for culinary alchemy flourished by experimenting with the variety of ingredients that his native land so abundantly offered. 

Perkunas migrated to California in 2000, immersing himself in the language and culture. He emerged as a more fluid version of himself by practicing sungazing techniques. It was a shifting period with changing environments, relationships, a steady corporate job, becoming a raw food chef and moving on top of a tree (just kidding about the tree :). As a raw food chef, Perkunas found a new challenge for his creative culinary expansion, collaborating at several raw food restaurants between Orange County, San Diego and Google headquarters in Northern CA. 

He founded Veggie Vibes in 2007, which was a gourmet raw food and fusion delivery service throughout the US. Perkunas also hosted workshops, private chef and catering services, and community-oriented events. For over a decade, Veggie Vibes was a platform for intuitive creation, self-expression and culinary journeys.

In 2013, as a reflection of the work done at Veggie Vibes with an energy closer to his life purpose, Perkunas created The Vibe House - a community space for sustainable practices, transformation, arts, clarity and good vibes. The Vibe House has attracted hundreds of individuals from all over the world who appreciate the energy this space radiates: defining their life purpose, sharing their gifts and finding a happier version of themselves. 

Perkunas has now hosted the ultimate collective adventures around the world. Take a ride with him, breathe life force, travel like never before, immerse into local culture, embrace nature and craft the finest cuisine. See his offering here: Aha Explorer. Or you can join his energy practices or flows.