Food & Flows

why flow?

             It’s easy to get caught up in “the flow” of things. We set schedules for ourselves, have allotted time for meals, work, and socializing. We spend all our time preparing for more time.

But what if we thought of life like a river?

This is an important metaphor in many cultures who focus on the present, and finding peace in everyday activities such as Zen or Buddhism.

            Our energy flows in one direction: forward. Like a river, everything we accumulate on this journey travels with us forward, forward, forward.

            Sometimes we are caught in a whirlpool. These accumulated mistakes, self-doubt, and anger attract more of their kind until we are swirling around ourselves in turmoil and resistance.

            What if eliminating this whirlpool and getting back into the flow of the river was a simple as just letting go?

            Believe it or not, that’s really as simple as it gets. At our 2 hour Food & Flow workshop, we allow ourselves to let go of anger and stress and be present in this moment, right now, robbing the whirlpool of its power. Without the negative energy that is keeping us from moving forward, this tornado of bad vibes has no fuel. It dissolves, and we continue down the river! Collecting good energy, friendships, memories, health, success, and peace.

            Every choice we make can either propel us toward the next whirlpool, or dissolve into the river: creating wisdom and newfound energy.


A simple and creative way to get in touch with the energy around us is to “Flow.”

            Flowing is an exercise where one uses the energy in and around themselves, and mixes with the energy from nature (the wind, the sound of the birds singing, the smell of the flowers in the garden) as well as their own breath.

           We start with a simple but effective meditation. Then, we focus on connecting with our breath through different movements and patterns.

Then we flow! This part is hard to describe since everyone is different, and we all feel the pull of nature in unique ways. Maybe the breeze is blowing your hips in different directions. Maybe the sound of the birds makes you jump around in rhythm. Whatever you feel is comfortable. The fun and unique part about flowing is how freeing it can be. Just letting go and moving in ways that may be new to you can relieve stress like nothing else!

            What you get is an amazing tango between your own energy and the embrace of nature, breathing deeply and finding new ways to explore the space.

what does food have to do with flow?

            Think of your body as a river (remember that metaphor?). Everything that you put in it can either dissolve into good energy, or start a whirlpool of stress and bad habits. Good nutrition can fuel your body like absolutely nothing else. Just like emotional stress can block everything else out of our mind, feeding your body incorrectly can stop you from doing everything you want to get done every day. Your body struggles to focus without being able to get the vitamins, nutrients, and healing properties from a balanced and healthy diet.

            Food is one of the most important parts of our everyday routine. It can fuel our body as well as our mind, and just like you can’t put diesel in a Honda, giving yourself the incorrect fuel can pretty much ruin your day.

            Food & Flow is a way to connect the energy that nature provides, as well as the incredible nutrition of delicious, quality, gourmet cuisine made with organic locally grown produce. Beginning with a flow class and ending with a meal that YOU help prepare, you’ll leave with the tools you need to continue this mingling of good energy throughout your life.

Our Food and Flow experience is meant to help you to align.

When you can take time out of your day to truly appreciate and explore your own energy, as well as what you put in your body, there is no end to what you’re able to accomplish. When you combine these two essential aspects of life, what you get is a beautiful harmony and balance throughout your life.

Perkunas have been practicing this method of Flowing since the 80s, and finds it a way to connect with essential aspects of existence through the art of breathing, movement and mindful awareness. Once you tap in into the energy flow, the transformation occurs. Physical and emotional wellness abounds!

what includes

  • Guided meditation

  • Guided breathing techniques

  • Guided flow

  • Guided cooking class (hands on)

    Cooking Might include:

    Elixirs/Juices, Gluten Free, Gourmet Raw Food, Gourmet Vegan Cuisine, Gourmet Seasonal dishes.

    We use seasonal, organic and locally produce, free range and cage.

  • Mighty breakfast included. Feast your senses with what you have created!


Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 7am to 9am

6 attendants max.

Inquire for availability at:


2 hr Food and Flow Experience $90


At The Vibe House, South Vista, CA